Monday, February 14, 2011

Big Jo training Feb 7 - Feb 13


Squad x 1
Non-squad x 2
Sea swim x 1


A bit of an improvement in the Kohi swim department this week thank god, managed to hang onto my buddy from GI Chezzle's feet for the return leg of the 2km swim. I was like her Siamese twin, even when she went a bit off track I followed her. I have been practicing my new super head-down technique with only a few collisions, almost had a collision with the end of the pool when there was no black line for me to follow.
Jared-Razzle making himself useful modeling the loud-hailer at the Kohi swim


Time: 12hrs28
Distance: 309km

Average week on the bike, took me a while to get going after the Big Weekend.  Longest ride was a bit over 5hrs not quite the same pace as last weekend but all saddle time is good.  No annoying boyfriends this week but there was a higher than usual amount of road-kill out east which wasn't very nice.
Recovery combo of champions


Time: 5hrs 10
Distance: 62km

Lets not forget that this week included the long run in Taupo plus the usual Saturday long run.  I started to encounter a hip flexion/adductor issue on my Saturday run, now I know what you are all thinking but it is NOT a stress fracture... But it does happen to be the same hip as my last problem. However I am 99.9% confident that it is muscular based on the fact that it hurts when I run uphill/upstairs but running downhill and hopping causes no pain at all. Its really not ideal timing but I am on to it so will back off the running next week and give it some TLC and hopefully it will be all good for the weekend. My poor little body is starting to feel a bit old but we will get there.

Murfy has found a new place to sleep

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  1. Bummer about the soreness. I've developed a bit of an issue too which I have a feeling will restrict me to minimal running between now and IM. Fingers crossed though. Nothing like a bit of a bike focus eh?