Monday, February 28, 2011

Big Jo training Feb 21 - Feb 27


Squad x 1
Non-squad x 2
Sea swim x 1

Well the week started off pretty excitingly with a serious wardrobe malfunction at the Parnell Baths.  I did my squad swim in my MuppetPoint3 suit as I do then jumped in the spa while I took it off.  I then stood there for a good 3-4minutes talking to MuppetMan before I felt something was amiss.  I put my hand on my butt and realized there was nothing covering it... What had started as a small gap in the stitching had escalated into a pair of full blown arse-less Speedos.  The whole seam from back to crotch had come undone and I was standing there exposing my rear to the world. I couldn't even cover myself up with both my hands because the gap was so big.  A guy who had been in the spa later told me that he was too embarrassed to tell me - thanks!!
Fortunately the pools flooded again the next day so we didn't go back that week, they may not of let me in anyway on the grounds of indecent exposure.
The rest of the week was pretty boring, the Kohi Swim was the usual washing machine but I beat my togs nemesis (yessssss) and came out with someone who normally is well ahead so lets hope I had a good swim and not the other way round.
This is how much skin I was showing. I kid you not.

Time: 13hrs35
Distance: 348km

Last big-ish ride this week of 4hrs.  Isn't it great when a 4hr ride doesn't seem very long? I think it is anyway.  Did a few little efforts during the week and standard pace Royport with Uncle Roy.  On Sunday we came across the Hot Cycles Bunch which used to be my standard Sunday ride in Pre-Ironman days.  The bunch is a bit more social these days but gets some pretty good numbers and still contains a few old friends from back in the day.  So we tootled along with them for the last part of the ride which was a nice way to finish off all the weeks of riding with only 2 or 3 of us.
Me and my guardian angel Neilio

Checking to make sure my butt is covered

OMG is that Marky Mark?!! Special guest appearance. See how happy J-Rad is to be riding with him


I wasn't planning on running at all this week but since all seemed to be ok I decided to give it a go after my long ride. I just headed out for 10mins and am happy to say all it was absolutely fine, no bone or hip flexor pain. Whew. Now I do realize I have to run a bit more than 10mins next weekend but at least it has given me the confidence that it won't be sore on the first step.  So fingers crossed for no hippy fidgey-widgeyness on Saturday.
Finished the week with a 70min pool run on Sunday, I'm glad Ironman isn't pool running because its fricken tiring. I was wasted and had very tired legs after my effort in the weekend so I will be looking forward to getting back on the road.
Pool running in action. People don't usually stay in the pool with me for long, I think I make them feel uncomfortable because they think I am crazy

Happy in my running. Hat is used to attach my ipod but it also adds to enigma of the weirdo running in the pool in her running shoes.

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