Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Jo training Nov 22 - Nov 28


Squad x 3
Non-squad x 1
Sea swim x 2

This week I did the Kohi Summer Swim Series 2000m race which was fun but not much to report about it unfortunately. It was a bit choppy further out so they had to go to the contingency plan of 500m multilap race. I swallowed a lot of water which didn't taste very nice. I just noticed that my beloved Blue Seventy Helix MuppetSuit is not looking so sprightly anymore so hopefully Son of MuppetSuit will be made before Christmas.
I have been trying to make friends with my pull buoy in an attempt to learn how to swim faster. I absolutely suck with a PB and make little forward progression unless I am wearing paddles.  But I am persevering and while my PB may be looking a little worse for wear hopefully it will turn me into a better swimmer...
Baby shark teeth marks courtesy of G-dog in her chewing puppy dog stage
Looks a bit more normal from this side. Thanks to Haydn for naming it for me. As if anyone else would want it anyway.


Had a few TapTap issues this week after the hub batteries ran out last weekend which resulted in a couple of rides with no power. But after a rejig of the inside of the hub it seems to be all good now no thanks to Cycleops who never replied to my SOS email which I am still very dark about. If Taptap ever needs help again and they don't get back to me I may get nasty with them.  Sadly I didn't get any data for our Tuesday Waitak ride as a result.
Only managed a 3hr ride on Sunday due to a cleat bolt that fell out somewhere around Maraetai so I had to ride with my cleat hanging by a thread, a bit like having a pedal made out of slippery ice - not much fun.


2 x pool runs (whoopdy fricken doo...)

I went back to the Sports Physician today and after him and another doctor reviewed my MRI they decided I have a stress fracture of my lesser trochanter... I would prefer to call it a stress reaction.
Which ever it is it is still no good for running - my 1 minute intervals in the weekend ended after the 2nd one because it hurt and did not feel like it was doing me any good. So I will continue to pool run and swim and bike my little leggies off and will do another test run in two weeks time... And in the meantime I will drink lots of chocolate milk and try to make my bones strong.

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