Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Big Jo training Nov 15 - Nov 21


Squad x 3
Non-squad x 2
Sea swim x 2
~ 17km

Whoa look at all that swimming. One of those days was a DOUBLE swim day as well!!! Nothing  much interesting happened in any of those swims, my old favorite goggles tried to die on me but I resurrected them once again so they will live to swim another day. I actually got a bit of chaffing from my togs from swimming so much - oh my!! Didn't do Haydn's Kohi swim as I thought I would be recovering from Karapiro but I will be lining up next week instead.


Have been a bit lazy and haven't downloaded all my rides so not sure of my hours and kms for the week, it won't be huge though, plus TapTaps hub batteries died on me so will have to make some up.  Did a long(ish) ride in the weekend up the Waitaks and got dropped by Kezzle-Anne who normally sits behind me and heavy breathes in my ear.  He has been on a Poo Power Program and has improved phenomenally this season - he is a classic example of the Power of Poo.
I suffered quite badly up the Waitaks - its been a while since I've done long hills like that and it showed. I think we should be riding out there every week now that summer is upon us. Although it wasn't looking very tropical up there in the weekend.

The past week has been pretty dark for cyclists in NZ with 5 being killed in the space of 4 days. One person killed 3 cyclists in one go. One of the cyclists was girl who was a similar age to me riding along Tamaki Drive about half an hour after I had ridden over that exact same spot - pretty scary. It has definitely made me think twice about how I am riding and what the cars around me are doing. Sometimes it does feel like the cars are actually trying to hit us though.

A little reminder that it could have been any of us


0 hours 0 mins

Hip is still poo (not poo as in the Power of Poo, poo as in shit). It is a lot better than it was but even running across the road hurts. My MRI showed some mild bone odema around my lesser trochanter and some odema around the origin of vastus lateralis on the femur (ie. bone stress and a muscle strain). It was reported as all being mild so nothing which can definitively say this is what is causing your pain. And I wonder how many asymptomatic runners would have signs of bone odema on an MRI.... But clinically it presents as a stress fracture/stress reaction so that is how we will have to treat it, I can attempt a 5min run this weekend but based on my run across the lawn yesterday I'm not holding out much hope.
I think the dreaded aqua-jogging awaits...

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