Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Slackarse update

My poor little blog has been a bit neglected over the last couple of weeks, although I did spend a bit of time sexing it up - looks better now I think.
So we arrived back in NZ to some pretty cold, windy and wet weather and took a week or so to get over some sickness and get back into proper training. I also started two new jobs in three different locations so needed to work out how I could fit everything in.
I was inspired by my backing up at Syracuse so now have a pretty full-on race schedule for the next few months with a couple of races overseas and almost all of the long distance tri's in NZ over summer. I think it will either make me or break me. Having more regular (and better paid) work will definitely help with the cost of travel and obviously one of the main points of doing this is to try and be like a real Pro and win money at races - imagine that!!
I have added a couple of extra swims in to my week to try and address my embarrassing swim at Syracuse and have changed the structure of my biking around a little bit.  Now that my work hours have changed I will be able to do the O'Hagan's 5km run as my speedwork which will be good to give me a gauge on how things are going in that department.  The last two weeks I've done about 12hrs per week of riding so will build that up a wee bit more with longer Sunday rides and long runs will creep back up to the 2hr+ mark.  I definitely need to do something a bit different because my build up to IMWI was good but didn't produce an outstanding race on the day. So a few little changes here and there and a bit more race experience and hopefully I should be good to go...

My googles will live to fight another day with a slight makeover

I was inspired watching the Kona coverage in the weekend (a race that damaged me physically and mentally...) and am looking forward to a good season ahead.  Belinda Harper from NZ had an absolutely amazing race - 1st AG female overall, breaking the AG record in the process and beating many of the Pro's. And at the Commonwealth Games watching Nikki Hamblin getting silver in the 1500m and 800m - seeing her come from 8th place to 2nd in the 800m in the last 200m shows how you should never, ever give up.  It looked pretty painful but would have been well worth the pain.

Madison was beautiful but nothing beats NZ on a nice day   

So I'm eager and inspired, now just need to get my A into G... Stay tuned!!

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