Thursday, October 28, 2010

Big Jo training Oct 18 - Oct 24


A bit slack in the extra swims department this week... But we did do a 2km TT at swimming on Wednesday which just reinforced how crap I am swimming at the moment. I'm too embarrassed to say my time but it was quicker than at Syracuse. Maybe I didn't count right and swam extra... But the most exciting news of the week was my new swim cap purchase (yes I actually paid money for a cap - unheard of!!) but it is so cool that it is worth it. Maybe it will make me swim faster? Or maybe it will make me just want to swim more. In fact I was so excited about wearing for the first time that I even dreamt about it.

Front. Excuse my nose.

Back. Jealous much?!


Time: 12hrs50
Distance: 320km

Some good riding this week thanks to some nice weather. Did 4.5km as the longest ride with some uptempo work. My Serottica has an annoying clanking coming from the bottom bracket so have been riding RooRoo a bit more plus with all the races coming up RooRoo and I need to become more of a unit.


A much better week on the running front - got my calves sorted with a good massage and our dehydration theory work and I was toilet-free for my long run in the weekend.  A lot of people would probably prefer not to hear about my number two's issues but it has really been quite a problem and I know that I'm not the only who has these problems so I'm pretty happy to have to under control now.
My longest run was 2hrs which went well, I'm certainly getting more comfortable with running for longer.  It used to be anything over 90mins was a mission but not 2hrs isn't too much of a big deal.

Chilling out in my new chair with Murfy post-run. And yes I do realize I have a clubfoot and giant thighs. At least we can see how my ankle rolls so easily when this is my comfortable resting position.

At the moment I'm in Taiwan for the 70.3 this weekend so will update in a couple of days on whats been going on here.

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