Thursday, October 21, 2010

Big Jo training Oct 11 - Oct 18


Squad x 2
Non-squad x 2

~ 12.6km

Still plugging away at the swimming and am trying to make friends with my pull buoy and band to make me actually use my arms when I swim... One of the biggest problems I have with doing PB and band work (apart from swimming at snails pace), is that I get so cold that I end up freezing for the rest of the day even after spa-time and hot showers. But I found a solution to this the other day - I can swim in the kiddies pool which is only 20m but is heated to about 32degrees mmmmmmmm perfect. Its a lovely temperature for creeping up and down the pool. The length isn't ideal but I was struggling to find any motivation to go to the pool knowing I was going to freeze the whole time. I even tried wearing my Blue Seventy Point MuppetZero but my bare arms started to feel like ice blocks when I pulled them out of the water.  Oh the joys of being a Little Person...


Time: 12hrs28
Distance: 319km

Back on the RooRoo this week for my longer rides, it was a happy reunion. My lack of a bigger daily commute is going to bring my weekly totals down a bit I think, but I guess most of that is considered junk miles. I do love adding my weekly mileage up though (well actually letting WKO do it for me...).
Longest ride this week was a bit over 4hrs in some pretty poo weather, but at least its warmed up a bit and get rained on doesn't result in hypothermia.
Biggest news of the week is my super styley BMW kit that my dear friend Neilio hooked up for me. I've never have a complete set of matching kit (arm warmers, knee warmers, vest, etc) so its pretty exciting and it looks AWESOME!!

How cool am I
Neilio is so good to me, he knows that I'm always the last person to get any cool gear because Jo-sized stuff is too hard to deal with so he made sure that I had this gear before anyone else. Thanks Neilio!!


I haven't been keeping track of time and distance but assume it was around 40-50km. My calves have really been suffering since Syracuse and my masseuse is in Kona so I resigned to wearing compression socks for my long run. This ended in disaster with multiple toilet stops and a rolled ankle and faceplant onto a gravel path (we blame the compression socks for all of this...).  My fall resulted in a few grazes and bruises but I was able to continue for another 90mins so nothing major. As for the toilet issues, a catch up with my friend Mikki who is a nutritionist may have pinned it down to dehydration so heres hoping I can get that under control before I defile every bush in the Eastern Suburbs...

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