Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly Update - 09.08.10 - 15.08.10


Squad x 3

Started my long swim Monday campaign this week and despite not being allowed to have a spa afterwards it was reasonably successful. Knocked out 5km doing a little bit extra before squad and then stayed on for the 7am squads warm up with the main set being 3x800m. We did some 100s on Friday this time leaving on 1.45 which was a bit better because it didn't take so long.
Had a sad moment this week when my beloved goggles started to fail me. The strap has disintegrated and ripped so many times but I have prolonged their life and kept tying them up but this week they broke in about 4 more places and I have run out of strap to tie them and still be able to get them over my head. The actual goggles are all good so if I could find another strap for them I would be pretty happy. No-one here really stocks these goggles though so I don't like my chances. I think I did my first ironman in these goggles and have at times bought new ones but always return to my old favourites so hopefully I can restore them for Wisconsin.


Time: 13hrs37
Distance: 346km
Boyfriends: 1

Had a bit of time on the dreaded WT this week due to some poo weather. I actually managed to produced some pretty good power for 5, 10 and 20mins which is good, it wasn't much fun though.
Knocked out a 5hr15/143km Sunday ride without getting wet which was good. Have resumed my marmite sandwich nutrition plan (mostly just a good excuse to have white bread in the house...) and its nice to have something different to eat on the bike. So I will be sure to pack my marmite when I go to the US.


Time: 4hrs 50
Distance: ~59km

A couple of good runs this week, made my return to track and managed to hit out a few good 800s and 400s. The track is quite soft and really seems to nail my calves but I had a massage at the end of the week which sorted them out. Long run was 2hrs16 at pootle-pace in the rain. Our paths that we run on have been a bit muddy and under water so my shoes have been taking a hammering. Think it may be time for new shoes.

My poor shoes

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