Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Weekly Update - 10.05.10 - 16.05.10


4 x swims


More of the same in the swimming department. We have just heard that the Teps is not going to reopen now until they have done all the work on it which will be finished early 2012... I'm thinking I'm going to have to find a squad to swim with because pootling around by myself can't be that beneficial. I will need to start getting into some meaty 4-5km sets before September and think I will struggle by myself. So will start looking around and will try and start a couple of squads per week.


Time: 11hrs06
Distance: 276km

A bit less this week mainly due to our Sunday ride being cut short due to weakness (not mine). Did a club handicap race on Saturday which started off bad (I was dropped after 15mins on a downhill) but ended up ok as I was able to stick with the next bunch and concentrated heaps on the downhill (it was a 4 lap course) so I didn't drop again. We managed to hold off the rest of the field by a few seconds but had a couple up the road who we didn't manage to catch. I think I was the first girl across the line but not quite sure. I learnt a few more things about cycle racing and the squally storms that were around that day kept away so the weather stayed fine. Everyone worked together really well and took their turns at the front which was good compared to other club races I have done.

Wow. 50w/kg!!!!!!


Time: 2hrs55

Only 5 runs this week and no leggy ache yesssssss. Long run was only a bit over an hour - had to juggle a few things around because of a Saturday's clubrace so ended up running early on Thursday morning. Not too keen on early morning runs so hopefully that won't happen too much. Did O'Hagans for the last time for a while because I will now be working Tuesday evenings. Managed a 18.45 which is my best post-stress fracture so getting there slowly. I'll now start doing some track speed sessions at the new Pakuranga track on my way to work during the week. May need to jiggle the days around a bit but hopefully it will work out.
Doing Huntly half in the weekend so will start to get an idea of how my long running is coming along.

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