Monday, July 22, 2013

Big Jo Training July 8 - July 21


We got evicted from our home pool all of last week due to 'scheduled maintenance' - maybe a bit late given the pump fiasco a couple of weeks ago.  So we trooped back to Newmarket for the week which is where we spent most of our time when the Teps was being revamped.  In the past year since the the last time we were there they have painted the pool green - oh wait no I think the pool turned green by itself.  It used to be a beautiful blue, clean and well cared for pool but when we arrived on Monday we were shocked to find an icky looking greenish pool which looked like it needed a good clean.  The water appeared to be clean (albeit a bit low on the volume side) but the spa pool was rather murky and the showers had good pressure but was a bit too concentrated so it felt like I was being hosed down by a fireman's hose.  All in all a bit disappointing.  So if anyone from Newmarket is reading this clean up your act!
Even the cafe attached to the pool was having problems with their eftpos and forgot part of our order. The cheese scones were still delicious though.


Feeling rather uninspired on the bike at the moment, can't seem to produce the power I had a month or so ago.  I have been averaging around 12 hours on the bike per week and even got up to 13 hours last week thanks to some delicious winter sunshiney weather.  So hopefully the good weather will continue and my mojo will return.
We are doing the Samoa Half Ironman in less than 3 weeks (eek!) so have been doing some half Ironman paced efforts which aren't too bad, I juts can't imagine doing a half Ironman in ~30 degree heat when I am out training in below 10 degrees with all my gear on and we are only there for 2 days before the race so won't have much time to get used to it.  It will be a perfect dry run for Kona though and a nice little escape from the cold.
Looked a bit more impressive in person, but still an obiligatory "I'm out enjoying the morning being a healthy person while you lazy people lie in bed and miss out - my life is so fulfulling" type of picture

Runnies is going well and starting to build.  Ironman training only really began a couple of weeks ago so I am slowly building up the mileage - I ran 19km for my long run on Saturday woo!  The weekends have been pretty good weather recently and pretty warm by the time I head out for my long run which good.
Last week was quite an eventful week with my friend Amy Campbell (now Amy Howse after a wedding in Vegas) completing the Badwater Ultramarathon in Death Valley USA in what may be the fastest time any Kiwi has ever done, certainly the fastest a Kiwi girl has ever done.  217km in 36+hrs and 40+ degree heat - and people think we are crazy for doing Ironman! This takes crazy to a new level.  Pretty impressive though and I am now proud to say that I know someone who has done Badwater.  Hopefully I will get to go to Death Valley one day - not to run 217km, but just to see what it's like.  Crewing for someone doing the race would be pretty awesome.
In the meantime I will stick to my ~45km per week in 10-15 degree heat admiring my pretty shoes as I go...
New friend

Banana cake fail

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