Monday, June 10, 2013

Big Jo Training May 27 - June 9


Exciting swimming news - the Muppet Swimskin II has arrived!! A bit muffintop-ish around the thighs but otherwise fits all good.  Not labelled Little Muppet this time (like my Helix) but with my name which is pretty cool, it would be a bit cooler if they'd spelled my name right...
Jo Carrellllllllllllll

It had it's debut at swimming last week and although I didn't quite have to move up a lane because I was so fast it hopefully did make me a bit faster.  I did at one point glide into Amber's feet which I blamed on the suit but may have been more due to me not looking where I was going.
The Muppet Suit will now be packed away until I hit the warm waters of Samoa in August.


The little Tadpolemator is STILL being painted (or maybe sitting around being put to the bottom of the priority queue...) so no exciting biking news.  I got back onto the intervals wagon after a couple of weeks of being sick and was surprised that I was able to pick up where I left off.  I am quite keen to get back onto the TT bike soon though to do some efforts so hopefully it won't take too much longer to get done.
The 2 up TT is on this week but since my previous 2 up partner is now knocked up (but will be rocking some pretty cool MINI tri kit once she is no longer knocked up) plus I have no TT bike I shall be on spectating duties.
Why can't all the evening commutes be like this

I ran a half marathon!  There was supposed to be a little posse of us running the half at Mount Maunganui but my two running buddies came up sick during the week so both decided to pull the pin.  I wasn't exactly sick but wasn't well either with a stuffed up nose but no other symptoms (which is still going on over two weeks later...)so I was rearing to go.
I thought I'd be doing well to break 1hr40 but then thought 1hr35 was a better target although maybe a bit optimistic.
It was mostly flat but went around the Mount base track twice for 5-6km in total which definitely slows the pace down.  I planned to head out at 4.20's for the first 3-4km then settle in to 4.30's and whatever I could manage around the Mount and my plan worked pretty well except 4.30 was seemed quite easy and I seemed to be in between 4.20 and 4.25 most of the time.  By the time I got to about the 16km mark and realized I was catching the 2nd and 3rd place girls in front I tried to put a bit more effort in but the last couple of km's around the Mount were a bit too tough.  Ended up running mid 93 which I was pretty happy with, it was probably the best paced half I have ever run and the leggies weren't too sore at the end (maybe a little bit sore the next day...).  I did manage to go for a run two days later which I was quite impressed with.
So I seem to be learning that I less I expect from myself (or maybe the less pressure I put on myself) the better I seem to go...
Man down

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