Monday, May 27, 2013

Big Jo Training May 13 - May 26


I am pleased to report that my tempo timer and I are now friends, quite inseparable actually.  I think I may suffer from separation anxiety if I swim without it which slightly concerning,
Now that I have found the right tempo for the easy stuff we are getting along well.  I especially like it for the harder stuff like 100's because it means I pace myself better.  I think I was starting with a really high stroke count and then blowing up after 50m whereas now I feel like I am going easier holding the higher tempo at the start but then am able to hold it for the last 50m.
Swimming has been pretty boring recently since it is most people's off-seasons so they are putting all these boring (and impossible - why would I ever need to do breaststroke kick on my back?!!) drills in and nothing really meaty like what we do over summer.


We quickly discovered that being inner-city apartment dwellers makes you very lazy on the bike.  Commuting is a pretty big part of my training if nothing but as motivation to get out the door and actually get to work but staying in the city cut out a huge part of my commute out.  And not to mention how dirty the Serottica got from not staying at home where the Sunday cleaning sessions usually take place.
However the last two weeks have been pretty snotty and coughly (?) in our household so maybe it was a blessing in disguise to not have to ride in the cold and wet too much.
We had a very dramatic Saturday ride last week with our friend JT riding headfirst into a metal and stone bollard on the old Mangere Bridge snapping his bike int half and knocking himself out for 5 minutes.  As the resident health professional of the group (jointly shared with Dr Dildo the dentist - don't expect him to put someone's tooth back in if it gets knocked out though...) I did the best I could but was pretty thankful when a paramedic rode past and took over.  Luckily JT came around but was pretty spaced out and ended up with 7 fractures in his face and a few broken ribs and a concussion.  Never good to see a buddy on the ground and especially in that state, and probably a timely reminder that I should do a refresher first aid course.
Snap goes the Willier

Managed to get back on the running wagon then had to jump off due to sickness but am now back on.  We are doing the Mount Half Marathon next weekend will be severely underdone but it will be good for training.  I did a couple of long runs of 14km and 16km plus the 23km volcano run so at least I have done a bit.  If I can go somewhere around the 95min mark I will be pretty happy
Man with an umbrella on his head

Edward Fishslice hands and Steff the sausage

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