Sunday, October 16, 2011

Big Jo training Oct 3 - Oct 16


6.2km long swim woo hoo! Backed up by a solo 6km the following week - all made up of 66m's OMG! 90x66m - fun times.  But I got it done and didn't freeze to death which is a plus.  Now I need to find a way to make my next 6km swim interesting, if that is actually possible.


Been cracking out RooRoo for my weekend rides recently and doing a few efforts.  Did 4hrs on RooRoo today which was a bit much but its all part of the bonding process, I got a bit of a sore back but it won't take too long to get used to riding it long again.  Mostly all recovered from my little spill at the RoSFv2, elbow is still a little sore and my front tooth is a bit concussed (!) but pretty much 100% and not having too many flashbacks thank goodness.


Oh runnys... I have been for a 15min run on grass and a there and back run to the gym (1.4km each way...) but have decided to give the leggy a bit more time because it still isn't quite right and as long as I am running by the end of October I should be right for the races I want to do.  I haven't had a scan and since its improving I'll just wait it out and only get a scan if things aren't getting better, I think I have exposed myself to enough radiation in the last wee while to not rush things...

How exciting was Kona!! I could sit and watch that race all day every day.  We obviously did a fine job of hacking for Jess in Australia as she pulled out a 10.21 which is a Kona PB for her and good enough for 4th in her AG - she's not called The Hammer for nothing. 
Kona watching over multiple methods of technology
I had a meeting with my friend Mikki who is a nutritionist extraordinaire and she is helping me through my eating issues so I am expecting to be a lean and muscly running/triathlon machine in no time.

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