Monday, May 30, 2011

Big Jo training 23 May - 29 May



Fully back on the bandwagon now.
Had a muscle balance so now have a few exercises to work on. I can't see it because it is behind me but apparently muscles below my shoulder blade have wasted quite a bit and when I lift my arms above my head my shoulder blade swings out too early, this is not good because it can lead to injuries from the muscles not functioning properly.  So I am currently working on the muscles which hold the shoulder blade down and once I have got that sorted I can move onto more general shoulder strengthening exercises.


Had an attack of the lazy's during the week but got a bit of mileage over the weekend to make up for it.  We did the CMC club race which was the Mauku Mountain Classic and involved climbing up a mountain twice. Well, not really a mountain but a seriously steep hill, maybe of the steepest climbs I have ever ridden up.  I almost got taken out in the last 100m by a kid who started to weave all over the place, I may have dropped an F-bomb... But I made it up and was first girl in my grade woo-hoo.
The next day was a solid ride with Uncle Roy and the Asian Ninjas and a couple of other guys.  My mojo is starting to come back but there was still some suffering happening in the last half.
Sad story of week is that I lost one of my most favoritest gloves which I bought in Syracuse last year.  It was one of the best purchases of my life.  They are a pair of SmartWool training gloves and they make my life complete.
My lonely orphaned glove

I took them off during the ride and put them in my back pocket and never saw the right one again.  I can only assume that it fell out when I took my sunglasses out, I was so distraught about it that Mum and I even drove all the way back over to where I thought I lost it to look, but to no avail...
So now I am on a mission to find another pair.  I have discovered that I can actually get them in NZ (insanely expensive...) or get them for cheaper from the US if I can get someone to ship them to me at a reasonable rate.  So at least me and my favourite gloves will be united once again.



Week one of Learn How to Run Again.  Jared-Razzle purchased his very own Gayman 110 which I may have already used more than he has... but it is a good way to track what I'm up to.  So I'm sure he won't mind sharing it with me until I can get my own :)
Started out with my longest run of 60mins which was in the pouring rain and very Ironman NZ-esque but other than that was pretty good.  The rest of the runs were pretty short, easy runs and Sunday was off the bike (with a slightly extended T2...) which was a bit of a shock to the legs.
Raining in Devonport

I have become a SmartPhone user! Not really on purpose - I switched phone companies and they gave me a phone! So I can now Facetube, Twitface and Twitstalk on the go.  All this technology is getting a bit much though - I get home and start up my laptop to download and charge the Gayman, download Taptap, charge my phone, switch on the wifi, etc - it's very high maintenance...

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