Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Jo training 16 May - 22 May


It swims!! Edging back into it without any problems so far, this week I did 3 swims of around 3km each woo hoo! I resurrected Haydn's Fish Program of Greatness and modified it a bit so it's less volume and will build back up if I don't have any problems.
My shoulder blade is looking a bit bony but other than that the dreaded Idiopathic Brachial Neuritis is no way near as bad as it could have been YAY!


I have been feeling very, very average on the bike recently like my legs are super tired when I have hardly even done anything.  I got my iron and haemoglobin tested and surprise, surprise I have iron-deficiency anaemia. 
May have something to do with my non red meat diet... The numbers weren't as bad as they have been in the past, but enough for me to feel a bit wiped out.  So I have started on the iron treatment and hopefully will be back to full speed soon.
Didn't have a long ride this week because of Huntly on Sunday so most of the week was pootling anyway.


Did the O'Hagan's 5km in a not so impressive time followed by the Huntly 10km in an also less than impressive time.  I decided if I broke 40mins at Huntly I would be allowed McDonald's and there was certainly no McDonald's being eaten in the weekend...
No Maccas for slow people
 Jared Razzle on the other hand had a stellar run and proved that fat is fast.  He broke 80mins for the first time which we were all super impressed about until we realized the course was ~500m short... It was still a good time for him but not quite the magical sub 80 he had hoped for.  Davo also proved that fat is fast but not quite as fast as his brother. 

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