Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Jo Update

So what have I been doing post Ironman?
Mostly appreciating being warm and dry...
My hip is still settling - an MRI showed that the bone was actually ok but I had Psoas and Greater Trochanter bursitis and inflammation on the Rectus Femoris tendon and, oddly enough, a labral tear.  Which basically relates to ouchy hip flexors and a tear in the cartilage - I haven't have any symptoms from the cartilage so will chose to ignore it, I may have just had an overzealous radiologist... This is settling but is still a problem with kicking in the pool so I have become re-acquainted with my pull buoy in the pool.  My foot was even more of a problem post Ironman and I become convinced that I had a cuboid stress fracture but this seems to have settled with strapping, so maybe just a bit of instability around the joint. Phew.
So for the last two weeks I have been tootling in the pool and tootling along on my road bike, having a few sleep-ins and eating whatever I want.  I had my first pie in about 4 years and have had McDonalds TWICE - woohoo!! And have really been overdoing it in the banana chip department nom nom nom...
McD's post Ironman - delicious... A Happy Little Ironman
Pie and coke. Nom nom nom

I did the Kohi Swim (since I was already entered) but only did 500m the week after IM, and then attempted the 2000m the following week but had to abort to 1500m because my hip decided not to come to the party.  Sadly I think I think I set myself back a bit in the hip department after that swim - bad Muppet behaviour... I won a pair of Rudy sunglasses though which pretty much paid for my entry for the series :)
I have realized how poor I am so am focusing on working a lot in the next wee while I am not training much.  I am going to Rarotonga for a wedding in May which just happens to coincide with the Raro Tri (how convenient...) so need to save some money for that.  Lucky I already bought my flights when Air New Zealand were having a sale for $350 return saving myself about $500 yesssssss... I'll just have to live on crackers, fruit and wedding food while I am there.  Shame its not a longer race then I could stock up on gels, bars, chips, pretzels and chocolate from the aid stations ;)
My Thursday lunch spot. Nice

Ironman NZ opened up its entries 10 days after the race which was crazy soon. By that stage I had convinced myself I wanted to do it next year and decided if it stayed open long enough so that I could afford to enter I would enter AG - it sold out in less than 2 days... So I have made a deal with myself and The Directors of Muppetry that if I am in the state to swim 60mins or under I will race Pro.  Obviously this is going to take a bit of work but something has to be done, so I have sent an SOS message to Haydn Woolley who is widely regarded as one of the best swim coaches around. I have complete faith in him and I have a year to do it so think it can be done.
Other things I have been doing in my down time is playing with the new kittycat who lives next door and mowing the lawn at the Cambridge Training Camp. And I got my car serviced - exciting.
Murfy and ThunderCat making progress

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