Sunday, January 9, 2011

Big Jo training Jan 3 - Jan 9


3 x sea swims
1 x pool swim

A bit more quality time in the new Muppet suit this week plus a little bit of a pootle in the pool the day before the Half.  Not sure when squad starts back but hopefully its soon because, as I discovered at Tauranga, my swim is seriously suffering.
I had an odd incident at Newmarket pool the other day where I dropped my little pile of swim condiments (PB, paddles and band) into the spa and one of my paddles disappeared forever. We searched the whole spa including the filters and couldn't find it.  How weird is that. So now I only have one paddle which is not really ideal.


I haven't added up my time and distance for the week but think it will be a bit on the low side with the Half yesterday.  Had a pretty solid 1hr45min effort around Whitford and Maraetai the Tuesday before the race which was good race prep. I had a boyfriend moment with an annoying commuter on my ride home from work on Wednesday, he obviously had issues about being passed by a girl.

Check out my tanlines. Not as good as Murphy's though


Only did a couple of short runs leading up to Tauranga but didn't have any hip issues so all was looking good.  Had a bit of a hit out off the bike(ish) after our Maraetai efforts and the leggies handled it pretty well which gave me a bit of hope for the weekend...


I got a sexy new laptop

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