Thursday, January 20, 2011

Big Jo training Jan 10 - Jan 16


Non-squad x 2
Sea swim x 1


A little bit light in the swimming department. I really should be concentrating on my swim a bit more I guess but I just feel a bit useless. I'm not sure if swimming more is the answer to swimming faster, I've tried this in the past and it hasn't made much of a difference. I've tried doing drills and that never really helped and recently I've been doing the PB and band thing and that doesn't seem to help either so I'm a little bit stuck.
All I want is to be able to swim 60mins or less for 3.8km, thats all I ask. So if anyone has any secret to fast swimming please let me know.
I forked out for a new pair of paddles after the mysterious disappearance of my left paddle in the Newmarket Spa Triangle but (like anything new) I don't like them as much as my old ones. They have too many holes in them... but the straps are more adjustable so I can use them with less support which should be better for my technique.


Time: 11hrs07
Distance: 294km

Didn't do much during the week with a bit of Tauranga recovery happening but managed a solid TT effort on Saturday and a bit under 4.5hrs in the weekend.  I hadn't done anything even close to 4hrs since early in December but I seemed to cope pretty well with it.


Time: 1hr37
Distance: ~19.5km

I had until Thursday off running after the Half just to make sure everything was still intact which it all seems to be luckily.  The Thursday run felt a bit stiff but the weekend run was better and I managed 61mins in the heat of the days so that was all good. My long Sunday ride is usually followed by a 20-30min run with a fairly leisurely transition in between (up to an hour sometimes...) so the new goal is to have a snappy transition and get out there within 10mins of coming off the bike. Mostly just to get it over and done with really, I have to report that my legs didn't really feel any worse running sooner off the bike than what I normally would do so I guess that is good news for my leggies.


I can send photos from my phone to my new laptop via Bluetooth - wow.

My vege garden is looking super duper

Chives, tomatoes, lettuce, brocolli, cabbage, basil, beans, cucumber, beetroot

My watermelon plant is threatening to wrap itself around the deck

Murfy is getting a bit hot in the summer heat 
Hello Murf

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