Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2015 Review

While 2015 may not have been my most successful year for blogging (I can count my blog entries on one hand and one finger) it was successful in many other ways.  So after being inspired by my superfast USA friend Amanda, I bring to you 2015 in review.

2015 was probably the least triathlon focused year I have had since 2008.  Not sure why, I kept ticking through with moderate amounts of training but hardly did any races.  In fact when I count back I only did 3 triathlons - a sprint, an Olympic and an Ironman (at least I covered all my bases...), one half marathon, and a handful of O'Hagan's 5km races.
On the non-triathlon side I had two awesome overseas holidays (without bikes), got engaged and got married, which might explain the lack of triathlon focus...
So overall it was a pretty good year.  Here are a few key points:

Best triathlon moment:
Running sub 3.30 at IMNZ, this was quite an achievement for me and even topped setting a new Ironman PB on the same day.
Woman on a mission

Best triathlon related purchase:
My favourite ASICS jacket which was $70 well spent to get me through winter running, and my Under Armour t-shirts (from the kids department of course) - perfect fit and super comfy.

Best nutrition find:
These delicious Moon Bars, gluten free for people that way inclined and taste delicious. My fav is Date and Pistachio.
Nom nom nom
Best training adventure:
This is a toss up between and epic run we did from Paihia to Russell featuring two ferry rides, the Boxing Day swim to Rangitoto and off road run, or my pre-wedding Hen run.  The Rangitoto swim was awesome but the run not so much after we got lost and did an extra 3.2km over a pretty un-runnable scoria and rock trail.  At least we'll know the way for next year.
All smiles at the top of the volcano

Post swimming

Pre swimming sunrise

The running of the Hens

Best non-triathlon moment:
Well I guess this would have to be getting married, or it could be getting engaged since I never thought any of it would ever happen.
Say cheese

Best new friend:
Mr Daddy Long Arms
Marvin has the longest arms in the world

Coming in for a headbutt
Blogging more in 2016 isn't one of my goals but I am doing Tauranga Half Ironman this weekend so I am sure I will do a race report soon.  Other than that no set plans for 2016 so the world is my oyster :)

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