Monday, February 2, 2015

January Update

Hello world.
Thought I would do an update since we are in the throes of Ironman training.
Since Taupo Half I took it easy for a couple of weeks and then got my head around Ironman training at the start of January.
Training so far has been in a heat wave and going well.  Wednesday long runs after work have been a bit tough in the heat but I am making use of all the free water around Auckland so am keeping hydrated.
We have done a couple of super long rides including one on the IMNZ course in the weekend which reminded us how brutal that road can be.  Note to self: don't ride on Broadlands Road during the week, the passing trucks are slightly terrifying and I almost got blown off several times.
Other than that it was a good weekend of training and I raced the Erin Baker triathlon at Kinloch which I have always thought about doing but never done it.  Sadly my wingman The Hammer was out with a tummybug but at least that was one less person to beat me.  Because it's a multi-lap course it's hard to tell what place you are - I asked someone who I thought would be reliable what place was I in and he said he thought 3rd which was a plesant surprise.  He then changed it to 5th next time around (no-one had passed me) and it turned out I was 4th.  I was hoping for a top 5 so that suited me fine.  My friend LCW came 4th last year in 2 minutes slower than my time and went on to do 10.07 at IMNZ so hopefully it's a good sign for me as well.
My name is Marvin

Hoover meets Marvin

Proof that the Broadlands Road plane really does exist.  How did it get there? Did it fly there? What does it do now? So mysterious

Celebrity spotting in Taupo.
Nice chairs

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