Monday, May 19, 2014

Big Jo Update

Well there has been not a whole heap of training but some ups and some terrible lows since my last blog.
Swimming is the same, riding is getting colder and requiring way too many clothes so not much of it has been happening and running has been going well.
The rest of the last 6 weeks can be shown in pictures...
The PC's discovered water from the tap

I discovered the perfect post training food - coke and ice cream

My ferry broke down with me on it and I had to get a ride in a rubber ducky

We had a wild party and someone left a spoon on the lawn

I became an All World Athlete. Whatever that means.

I have been running home every Wednesday.  Now it is dark when I get to this point

I made ANZAC biscuits and they were delicious

I ate a giant sausage.  And brocolli/cauliflower/carrot mash in case anyone is wondering (not cat sick)

I run with a pink fannypack

I got some stylish new MINI kit

We lost a very dear friend :(

We made a new friend

Who has very sharp claws

I got new shoes

New PC discovers water from the tap

PC's work in tandem to steal bread

Cat bench on a Sunday afternoon

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