Monday, January 7, 2013

Big Jo Training Dec 31 - Jan 6


A bit of a mixture of pool swimming and sea swimming this week while squad is on a break for the holidays. I was reminded how good it is to turn up to squad and just be told what to do - no negotiating or arguing about what to do (usually), 3km of fluffing around feels like an eternity.


I was quite surprised when Training Peaks added up my hours of biking for the week to be over 13 hours!! Although I followed my normal program which usually gives me around 11 hours since I wasn't working some of the rides were a bit longer and the Sunday ride has started to ramp up a bit as well.
I have noticed a bit of a difference riding Taddy compared with RooRoo, it does seem to be faster and I am able to hang in a bit easier where I would usually struggle.  I think my power has gone up a bit as well which could account for it feeling a bit easier too.
Taddy was too fast for these boys up the Waitaks in the poo weather the week before
The weather has been pretty fab for riding bar one day last week when I learnt that doing standing sprint starts in the rain are not much fun and my power was probably lower than when I take off at the traffic lights.
I have gotten a bit technical and signed up for Strava, not that I really know what I'm doing with it.  I originally signed up just so I could see what it was all about and then saw some people that I know on it and since I love stalking so much I realized that it was right up my alley.  I would hate to give away all my training secrets so am not uploading all of my rides but do enjoy spying on other people.  I put my Sunday ride on there and basically became the Queen of the whole Waitaks - of course it helps when there are only about 10 girls using it as well...


My running legs are coming back to me slowly, I got up to 8km as my longest run for the week and a couple of shorter ones plus a couple of pool runs.  Hopefully I can get up to an hour next week which will give me a bit more confidence leading into the 70.3.
It is a bit of a dilemma next weekend because there are 30 Kona spots on offer plus the 40 spots at IMNZ.  I know a lot of people think it is silly to be fixated on Kona but it get within 10km of the finish and have to pull out is rather heartbreaking so I really want to go back and finish.  I assume there will only be one spot for my AG in Auckland and I should be near the top of the AG and I know for a fact at least 2 people who are likely to beat me wouldn't take a Kona spot.
So, do I give at my all and hopefully get a spot so I can relax at IMNZ but also potentially set myself back in the hip/groin department? Then if I don't qualify but I have gone too hard and can't run for another 3 weeks I am screwed for IMNZ where there are 2 Kona spots.  Or do I stay comfortable at the 70.3 and not worry about my competition and try and get a spot at IMNZ? But that means a lot of pressure at IMNZ and I will be gutted if I miss out on both.
There is a chance that the person who takes the spot at the 70.3 is also doing IMNZ which would mean a roll down anyway.  There will also be a few Aussies coming for the 70.3 who are not on my radar and could be speed machines as well.
Decisions, decisions...

Exciting news of the week is the J-Rad has committed to IMNZ despite his broken-ness so we will have lots of fun and not so fun training hours ahead of us with Kezzle-Anne - AKA The Three Amigos - hola!

And more VERY exciting news is the arrival of my new Oakley Enduring sunnies which have been made extinct but I managed to find a pair on eBay.  I had got some Half Jackets to replace my ones which where thieved from my car but we never really bonded and in a moment of weakness I splashed out and got these. Now I feel like I am home again.
White Oakleys have magical powers despite what the Lawsons say.  And check out my sexy new Garmin FR10 in the reflection, it is green like a frog, or a cucumber.
Enjoying a civilized dinner outside at our new table with our chairs and BBQ  which were all free - yeah!!

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