Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Jo training March 5 - March 18


My swimming continues to go up and down, I felt like I was swimming awesomely at the last Stroke and Stride but when I stood up and looked at my watch I felt like banging my head against a wall.  So it is quite frustrating.  The Kohi swims are over for the year and overall I think I showed a bit of improvement against last years times but the conditions are always quite difficult so it is hard to tell.  The best test will be this weekend at the Auckland Half
Doing my best to look about 80yeras old at Stroke and Stride

A couple of slack-ish weeks on the bike, the weather in Auckland has been absolute poo so I have had to use my windtrainer more than just my (recent) usual 1 times per week.  I came down with a cold last week which was still hanging around by the weekend so I made the big call to do no training at all on Saturday as attempt to get rid of it a bit quicker.  It seemed to work and I now have only the dregs which will hopefully be gone by Saturday.  It was quite novel not training at all but did make me wonder how people fill in their days without biking and running?!


Only 2 runs last week due to my illness but a good week the week before of 4 runs totaling a bit over 40km.  I have probably done more long runs in preparation for this Hlaf than any others I have done so it will be interesting to see the result.  It will also be nice to go into a race with more than about 2-4weeks of run training which seems to have been the case for the last few races.
Winning the sprint for 8th place
Jess Lawson - Stoke and Stride Race 7 WINNER!

Jared Bowden - People's Tri Maraetai WINNER
Exciting plans for later on in the year currently under construction but include a long trip on a big plane and a triathlon in France involving a very large mountain.

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