Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Jo training 11 July - 24 July


Not much new to report, just been continuing on my same program.  Had a good 4km+ swim last week and almost had blown my foofoo valve by the end of it which is a rarity with the way that I swim.  I am doing a training camp in Australia in the next couple of weeks so will do a good block of swimming in the nice outdoor pool in the nice weather while I am there.


I really suck at cycling at the moment.  It is not good.  I went through and compared my recent powerfiles to ones from 2009 and my power is about the same I just seem to be slower.  It's pretty depressing and the abuse I am getting for it isn't helping.  It's not that I am not trying because I am.  We have this Race of Six Friends this weekend and I'm pooping myself that I am going to be holding everyone up.  I had a terrible long ride on Sunday just been - my legs had nothing up the hills and I was so slow, so fingers crossed my leggies remember what to do next weekend.


Running on the other hand is going really well - yay!  I have gotten up to 50km p/wk so will be keeping it at that or there abouts and just increase my long run every week.  I had a stellar long run of 22km last week and will be upping it to 25km this week.  I have to change my days around so I don't waste my legs with a long run the day before our big ride so hopefully having 2 long runs only 4 days apart won't upset my running equilibrium.

Three generations and a person with a silly look on their face
I became an aunty! Just like I said I would.  It took a while though - 46hrs after induction! We thought she was never going to arrive.
Murfy Razzell enjoying the heater and not enjoying winter

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