Monday, June 27, 2011

Big Jo training 13 June - 26 June


Still just razzling along building up, did a couple of 4.5km session without any problems.  The rest of the swims have been around 3km.  I can't really tell if I'm getting faster but I think the point at the moment is more to reduce my stroke rate which seems to be going ok.
I have had a bit of pool rage recently which I have managed to contain but I seriously wonder what goes through some peoples heads when they are swimming in public lanes.  Luckily I have mastered the art of squeezing down the middle of the lane to pass slow people (yes there are actually people slower than me) and also performing closely executed tumble turns when there are people blocking the end of the pool.


Last weekend was the 2-up TT which I was supposed to do with Nicky, sadly she pulled out on me the day before so I was a bit stuck.  I still wanted to do it but had already struggled to find a partner so I was a bit desperate, desperation led me to ask Uncle Roy... I had to make sure Uncle Roy understood the whole point was that we ride together and that he was not to drop me, and he did very well at keeping me on.  I only had to yell out to him a couple of times mostly around corners where he doesn't slow down at all and I muppet around.  We did really look quite ridiculous and I even heard the guys who started behind us say afterwards "that little girl and her old man did really well!!" - shame!!
My concentration face and Roy's happy face
The rest of the time I have been doing quality over quantity with my own private battles with annoying men who sit on my wheel during efforts.
I had a sad wheel episode involving a very very large pothole which snuck up on me.  I don't know how I didn't crash and I even stayed on aerobars somehow.  Sadly my rim didn't really make it so now I need a new one. And I was only using that wheel because the rim on my other wheel is stuffed so I am not doing so well in the front wheel department.
Sad face

My running has been going well, with the last two weeks at 40km so now I can step up to 45km woo hoo!  Nothing much else to report though, its getting very muddy on our usual paths which isn't so fun and my running shoes are looking pretty sad.  I have been channeling my inner Paula Findlay (who I have a small non-lesbian crush on) during my runs and trying to be awesome.

Fun times with the Razzle-cat. Not only do I have a smartphone but I also have a smartcomputer

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