Monday, April 18, 2011

Big Jo training 11 April - 17 April

I just took this week as it came with my sad shoulder problem.  I started the week taking Tramadol for the pain but it didn't seem to make much difference so cashed in my Codiene prescription which definately didn't help. I went back to the doctor in desperation after having to spend a night sleeping sitting up on the couch because it hurt too much to lie down and got some Prednisone which combined with the Tramadol and some acupuncture seems to be working. I have never taken so many drugs in my life as I have in the last week. 
Drugs anyone?

Prednisone has also been shown (anecdotally...) to help to lessen the extent of the muscle weaknening and to shorten the whole duration of the condition so fingers crossed... My muscle weakness is still about the same and hasn't gotten worse which is good news.  The physio thinks that when the pain has settled if I am able to swim without aggravating it then I should be ok to do so which is very good news.
I'm still hopeful I can do the Raro Tri which is now in just under 3 weeks time, based on the amount it has improved in the last few days I am sure I will be able to wing my way through it... I looked at changing my flight so I arrived after the Tri and wouldn't have the temptation, it would cost about $450 to change my flight which cost me $143 so I don't think that is going to happen...


Biking probably hurt about as much as sitting on the couch so I figured I may as well keep riding plus I had pre-entered the CMC club race and didn't want do a no-show so I dragged my sorry ass out to Ararimu to race in the rain.  The rain cleared up a bit for the race and it was a nasty 2 lap course with lots of hills.  I was good on the uphills and would clear out from the bunch pretty easily but really suck on the downhills so needed to get a gap going up so I didn't get dropped going down.  There was a little hill about 300m before the finish so I went super hard up there to try and gap the other girls but didn't have enough grunt on the flat and got pipped by about half a wheel length to come 2nd girl.  Stink.  I tried pretty hard and felt like my intestines were going to burst out and my legs were going to explode but was still pretty dark at myself for letting her pass me.
The rest of the week was just tootling around and nothing too exciting.


Still just testing out the hip and not doing much, did 4 runs this week with my longest run since IMNZ of 32mins woo-hoo!  Hip seems to be all good, shoulder hurts to run but no more than doing anything else.
I'm looking forward to watching the Boston Marathon early tomorrow where NZ's own Kim Smith will be looking to take it out, go KIM!! I used to race against her when I was at school.  Actually I use the term 'race' a bit loosely - we would run the same course and she would lap me...


This weekend was the last race in the People's Tri series and a big showdown between Jared, David and Kezzle.  Jared lead Kezzle out the water then Kezzle dropped Jared on the bike and went on to take the title.  Davo was never quite in the race... It was a fantastic performance by Kezzle-Anne who hasn't raced anything shorter than a Half for many, many years.
Davo leading a train of boyfriends, they could recognise a powerhorse when they saw one. Pity no-one could stay on

Post-race muffin time
Ever get the feeling you are being watched? Go on Murfy... enjoy your dinner...

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